HealthyPinoy: Health Tools

Know your ideal body weight
Do you want to know your ideal body weight? Estimate your ideal body weight based on your sex and height using this tool.
Compute your daily caloric requirement
Do you want to know how much food to eat everyday? Use this tool to estimate the number of calories you need each day to maintain your ideal body weight.
Compute your cholesterol goals
How low should your blood cholesterol level be? Do you need to start taking medicines for your blood cholesterol? Use this ATP III-based tool to compute your cholesterol goals.
Preventive check-up for men
Do you want to have a personalized executive check-up? This tool identifies important tests men of you age should have in order to stay healthy.
Preventive check-up for women
Use this tool to identify important tests women of your age should have in order to stay fit and free of preventable diseases.
Compute creatinine clearance
The creatinine clerance lets you know if you need dose adjustments for antimicrobials. Compute your estimated creatinine clearance with this tool.