Imelda Asetre-Luna, M.D.

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Scope of Practice

Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist

Contact Information

St. Luke's Medical Center
Rm 436 Medical Arts Building
Clinic hours: Mon-Wed-Fri 2-6pm; Sat 9am-12noon
Phone: 723-0301 loc 6436

Tan's Multi-Specialty Clinic
Ground Floor, Gloria Bldg.
157 A. Bonifacio Ave, Quezon City
Clinic hours: Tue-Thu-Sat 3-6pm
Phone: 330-1231

Hospital Affiliations

  • St. Luke's Medical Center
  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center
  • Jesus Delgado Memorial Center
  • Quirino Memorial Medical Center
  • Ospital ng Maynila
  • Sta. Teresita General Hospital

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