Countering Withdrawal Rationalizations

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Rationalization Reality
It's too hard to quit. Yes, it is hard, but withdrawal pains last less than a week. Millions of people have succeeded. You can, too.
Going without is agony. If you use the ten weapons to kill an urge, it will be much easier.
I've tried to quit hundreds of times before and I won't be able to stick it out this time either. We learn by trying. Your past attempts were good practice. This time you have more information to help you stick it out.
Smoking helps me relax. Nicotine first stimulates and then depresses. Exercise and a warm bath will give true relaxation.
Smoking helps my concentration. Smoking deprives your brain of oxygen.
If I stop smoking, I'll gain weight. There are many better methods to lose weight than smoking.
I have to smoke to keep from feeling anxious. This condition will go away soon. In the meantime, counter irritability or anxiety by taking a brisk walk.
I won't know what to do with my hands if I don't smoke. Hold a pencil, a paper clip, or a marble, or simply clasp your hands together.
Sometimes I have an overwhelming urge. Avoid high-risk situations you associate with smoking. Plan ahead how you will handle the desire for a cigarette in trigger situations.
I might as well give up. I blew it! I smoked a cigarette. Smoking one cigarette does hurt -- it sets you back. But it doesn't mean that you've blown it. You have also had some successes. You got through some day without smoking. You have learned a lot. Don't let smoking one cigarette serve as an excuse to go back to your old life. You love being free from smoking! You can continue to be free from smoking.

Excerpt from The Ill Effects of Smoking, Institute of Pulmonary Medicine, St. Luke's Medical Center