Treatment & Prevention of Kidney Stones

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To prevent stones from forming, the cause must be determined. The doctor will order laboratory tests for urine and blood. He or she will also be concerned about medical history and dietary habits.

Medications may also be given to reduce the tendency towards formation of certain stones. One type of medication introduces high levels of citrate into the kidneys. Citrate is an example of a crystallization inhibitor normally present in the urine.

Surgical treatment

If the kidney stone is large, it will surely need to be removed by some type of surgery or other techniques (ESWL, uteroscopy).

Dietary modifications

You may do these steps to minimize your chance of forming stones:

  • Drink plenty of water. Aim for 2.5 liters every day.
  • Cut down on animal protein, particularly meat.
  • Eat plenty of cereal fibers with each meal (wholegrains, wholemeal bread, bran).
  • Do not drink more than two-thirds pint of milk a day.
  • Avoid refined foods like sweets, chocolates and softdrinks.
  • Avoid eating more than two items of the following each day:
    • egg
    • 2 oz. cheese
    • yogurt
    • 3 oz. cooked meat
  • You may likewise be advised to avoid foods rich in oxalate:
    • strong tea or coffee
    • chocolate
    • peanuts
    • cola
    • spinach

Excerpt from A Patient's Guide to Kidney Stones