Relieving Stress In The Workplace


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Are your muscles aching because of stress in the workplace?

Do a quick test: Press your fingers on your trapezius muscle -- the muscle at the junction of your neck, shoulder and back. If you feel pain or discomfort, this muscle may be spastic because of stress. You would benefit from a stretching program.

Spending ten minutes every day to stretch your major muscle groups is an easy way to relieve stress, avoid injury and stay alert in your workplace. Try these exercises from the Mayo Clinic and feel the stretch in your muscle. Maintain each position for 30 to 60 seconds and you will feel a relaxation akin to the sensation after a good massage. These stretches improve your flexibility, one of the three components of physical fitness (muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness being the other two). They may also relieve nagging back pains caused by muscle spasm.

Start doing the stretches today and you will feel its benefits in no time at all.

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