Safety During Volcanic Eruptions

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  • Residents living around an erupting volcano are faced with volcanic hazards that may ensue. These include pyroclastic flows, ashfall and lahars.
  • Hazard maps that show areas likely to be affected by any of these hazards are available from proper authorities prior to eruption. Follow all advisories and warnings, as these can save your lives.
  • Avoid the declared permanent danger zones in your locality. Also, rivers where hazardous volcanic substances can flow should be avoided.
  • Should ashfall occur, cover your nose with a wet cloth to allow for better breathing.
  • Food should always be covered to prevent contamination.
  • Always clean your roof when heavy ashfall occurs to prevent collapse.
  • If you are inside a moving vehicle, seek shelter immeidately.
  • If you are along the path of potential lahar flows, move to higher ground or to a designated evacuation site.

Source: Safe Ka Ba? from NDCC-OCD