Diet & Nutrition

Daily Menu for Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Twenty-eight different dialy menus with known calorie content to help you plan your diet.

Compute Your Ideal Body Weight

A tool to help you compute your ideal body weight and daily caloric requirement.

Calories Equal Energy

Brush on up calories, the basic measure of the energy in our food. Learn what it is and how much of it is in the food we eat.

Calories In Fruits

Learn how much calories are present in common fruits.

Your Carbohydrate Requirement

Learn how much carbohydrates you need.

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Learn how your body makes use of carbohydrates.

Complex Carbohydrates

What you need to know about complex carbohydrates.

Facts About Sugar

Important facts about sugar.

What Dieters Should Know About Carbohydrates

Learn how carbohydrates can be a friend to dieters.

How Much Dietary Fat Do We Need?

Learn how much fat you need daily and how to cut down on fats.

Meeting Your Protein Needs

Learn how to meet you daily protein needs and the facts behind some protein myths.

What You Should Know About Vitamins

The bare fact on vitamins.

Uric Acid in Food

List of high-purine (uric acid) and low-purine food.