Blood Sugar Goals For Diabetes

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The blood sugar level of healthy, non-diabetics is usually maintained between 40-70 mg/dl (see fasting blood sugar). This is accomplished by the release of insulin when the blood sugar rises after a meal, and glucagon when blood sugar falls between meals. This type of glucose control is difficult to attain in diabetes because insulin release by the pancreas is insufficient.

The objective for diabetes is to maintain the blood sugar in a desirable range. The goals of blood sugar therapy have not been clearly defined. One standard for blood glucose control in diabetes is as follows:

Goal Acceptable Ideal
Fasting 60-130 70-100
Preprandial 60-130 70-100
(1 hr)
<200 <160
3 AM >65 >65

The acceptable category is for conventional therapy using a 2-dose schedule of insulin. The ideal column represents values aimed for in meticulous control regimens.

Keeping blood sugar level in the acceptable level may reduce the long-term complications of diabetes.

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