Know Your Cholesterol Count: Prevent Heart Attack & Stroke


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Knowing your cholesterol level is important in preventing the clogging of arteries supplying the heart, brain, and other vital organs.

The problem with cholesterol

Cholesterol is a necessary building block of our body. But high levels of cholesterol speed up the hardening and obstruction of blood vessels throughout the body.

High cholesterol levels form deposits in the inside surface of the blood vessels, narrowing the area available for blood flow. These cholesterol deposits may fragment, flow with blood to smaller blood vessels, and obstruct the smaller vessels. Eventually, a partially clogged artery may become completely obstructed, damaging the organ supplied by the involved vessel. If the involved vessel supplies the heart, a heart attack will occur. If the vessel supplies the brain, a stroke will happen.

What you should do

You should have your cholesterol profile checked. If your cholesterol is elevated, steps must be taken to bring the level back to normal. This way, the progressive cholesterol plaque formation in your blood vessels will be slowed.

If your level is normal, you only need to check your cholesterol level every five years, and a regular exercise program and proper dietary habits will go a long way to keep your cholesterol in the desirable range.

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