Spread The Health Benefits of the Internet


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A vast amount of knowledge on how to prevent stroke, heart attack and advanced cancer is in the internet. But the people who stand to benefit the most from this knowledge are not online.

Be the bridge

Your time online can be spent not only in chat rooms, online games and MP3 sites. Even a little of your time online can be used to improve the health of your loved ones.

The information in many health-related web sites stand to benefit the older generation -- your parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles. The older generation is prone to hypertension and high cholesterol. The group at risk for having a stroke and heart attack. They are prone to complications of infectious diseases like pneumonia and influenza. Their age puts them at risk for having breast cancer and colon cancer.

This generation, sadly, is rarely online. The people who can benefit the most from the information cannot access the information.

What you can do

Tell your folks about what you learn from the health-related web sites. Print the articles for your folks to read. E-mail the people you know who may gain from the knowledge on prevention. Read the articles yourself -- we all will be part of the older generation someday.

Do your share in bringing the benefits of the information age to those who are not online.

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