Causes of Acne

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So why do adults develop acne? There are a variety of causes, like:

  • Hormones. Pregnancy, changes during the menstrual cycle, and birth control pills can cause fluctuations in hormone levels and subsequent fluctuations of acne in women. In some women, low-dose oral contraceptives improve acne; in others, they make acne worse. If you have acne along with menstrual irregularities, you may want to see a physician to see if abnormal hormone levels are to blame.
  • Stress. Dermatologists agree that high levels of stress can affect hormone levels.
  • Cosmetics. Wearing heavy, oily makeup may clog pores and cause acne.
  • Occupational exposure. If you're a mechanic or you're standing over the deep-fat fryer at the local fast-food joint, your face may be getting assaulted by oils, some of which may cause acne. Numerous chemicals in the workplace can also cause acne.
  • Certain medications. Some drugs such as dilantin (which is used in the treatment of epilepsy), can cause acne.

Excerpt from The Home Remedies Handbook: Over 1000 Ways to Heal Yourself