10 Steps to Fitness & Health
Step 1. Eat a balanced diet.

This is where it all starts. Discover your ideal body weight and learn how much calories you need to achieve your ideal weight. The sample menus of a 1700 calorie diet give you a picture of a balanced diet that is right for you.

Step 2. Start exercising.

Next to eating a balanced diet with the right amount of calories, exercising is the best way to fitness. Aside from releasing endorphins which give you a natural high, exercise lets you keep your heart healthy and helps you prevent a heart attack.

Step 3. Have a preventive check-up.

Eating right and exercising contribute much to your fitness, but they cannot prevent the wear and tear which naturally comes with age. The preventive check up for women and preventive check up for men reveal health problems that are silently starting.

Step 4. Stop smoking.

Smoking has numerous ill effects that the effort to stop smoking is worth taking if only to avoid its dangerous health risks. Learning the benefits of quitting smoking as well as the ten weapons to kill an urge to smoke will help you on your way to a smoking-free lifestyle.

Step 5. Control your hypertension.

Hypertension, one of the health issues that come with age, can be easily diagnosed and easily treated. The comparative price-list of drugs for hypertension will help you save your hard-earned pesos while effectively treating hypertension.

Step 6. Watch your cholesterol.

Hypercholesterolemia, or elevated blood cholesterol level, may cause dreaded diseases like stroke and heart attack. Control your cholesterol level by following a low fat diet and discover your cholesterol goals to guide you in the treatment.

Step 7. Manage your diabetes.

The fasting blood sugar is one of the tests that lets you diagnose diabetes. Blood sugar goals for diabetics are important to achieve to prevent the many complications of this health problem. The comparative price-list of drugs for diabetes will aid you in controlling your blood sugar.

Step 8. Care for your colon.

Colon cancer quietly starts as an innocuous polyp that transforms, over several years, into a full-blown malignancy. Age and family history are the two most important risk factors. Early detection of colon cancer is the best way to beat this health problem.

Step 9. Immunize.

No matter how healthful our lifestyle, bacteria and viruses have a way of catching up on us. Avoid influenza, an infection cause by a virus, and avoid pneumococcal pneumonia, caused by a bacteria, by following the recommended schedule for adult vaccination.

Step 10. Special feminine care.

Breast cancer and cervical cancer are two special health concerns of women. Learn and early detection methods for breast cancer as well as the frequently asked questions on cervical cancer.

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Daily Health Tip

Tip #76: The range of motion of a joint gradually and imperceptibly decreases as we age. Perform range of motion exercises daily to maintain the complete range of motion of your joints.

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In Focus

Cholesterol Check

Cholesterol and heart check

Cholesterol levels need to be checked starting age 35 in men and age 45 in women. To treat, or not to treat high cholesterol levels depend on your overall risk for heart disease. Use our tool to find out your cholesterol goal and learn if you need to be treated or not.

Health Events

Dengue Awareness Month

Dengue Awareness Month

The rainy season is dengue season. But did you know that most patients with dengue can be treated at home? This month, brush up on the frequently asked questions about dengue as well as the National Consensus on the Management of Dengue.

National Kidney Month

National Kidney Month Logo

The kidney eliminates the end-products of our metabolism, regulates the level of sodium and potassium, and controls the amount of water in the body. This June, find out how to keep your kidney healthy and avoid dialysis in the future.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

June 5. Is there a link between the environment and breast cancer? With breast cancer incidence increasing, this question is becoming more significant. Review the evidence on environmental factors and breast cancer and reduce your risk today.

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